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With live trad Irish music!

Imagine listening to Irish music in an Irish forest beside a lake... straight out of a dream right?

A Glendalough Musical Tour is as exclusive and magical as it gets, where you get to listen to live Irish music in one of Irelands most iconic locations.

Thin Places Tour_edited.jpg
"I still think your tour and knowledge were the highlight of our time in Ireland."

Angie, North Carolina

We are a group of history and music enthusiasts, and combining our passions we create music tours of amazing places. A musical tour is an immersive experience into the history of the place, the history is intertwined with music relevant to the culture, time or place. The visit is structured around the historical relevance of each building. Through months of investigation we have made tours more than just historical, they capture a variety of quirks that can awaken the curiosity within.

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