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Glendalough Audio Guide

Glendalough Audio Guide

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Glendalough, known as the Valley of Two Lakes, in the Wicklow Mountains National Park is an under-appreciated feather in Ireland's cap. On this walking tour, you’ll take in the site’s picturesque sights and hear the many stories etched into its ancient ruins within the glacial valley.


This Glendalough tour starts in front of the impressive stone Gateway. From there, I’ll guide you through the ruins, linking each to key moments in the valley’s history including the Viking raid and how it influenced them to build the second largest Viking ship ever. You’ll hear about the arrival of Saint Lawrence, a prince who’d go on to reshape Christianity in Ireland and unite old enemies with his ambitions and charm. As you take in the area’s many sites, you’ll be enthralled by the tale of Glendalough’s founder and how he built a legacy that lasted over 700 years. I’ll tell you about the Norman invasion, and about Henry VIII who, in his pursuit of a male heir, banned the practice of Catholicism in Ireland for over 250 years and thus dismantling the monastic sites.


Along the way to Lower Lake where our tour ends, you’ll see:

• The 900-year-old Glendalough Roundtower, and learn about how it was built
• Glendalough Cathedral with all of its quirky details and stories
• St. Kevin's Church, still to this day an incredible feat of stonemasonry and construction
• The Priest House, a cute little monument named because of its use as a mortuary chapel
• St. Mary's Church, a monument whose dark stories and sad existence are still shielded to this day
• Deerstone Bullaun Stone which is linked to one of the many legends of Glendalough
• St Kevin's Cross, also known as the hugging cross that for many years was part of a ritual performed by the pilgrims that visited Glendalough.


Join us on this 45 minute stroll through one of Ireland’s most important monastic sites.

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